Progress = Planning

Hello there!

I got all geared up two weeks ago — started this blog, told people I was going to have some major lifestyle changes coming, started listening to my Spanish learning podcast, and then promptly panicked. I did nothing. Wait, that’s a lie, I ate my face off in stress reaction to the idea of trying to eat healthy and go to the gym often. Strong work, stress brain. I should have listened better to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy…


I might make this my blog header.


So, here I am, no gym progress made, and not shocked. I’ve been here before. I get here often. I don’t know why I have such a fear of these changes, or why I react by making everything harder for myself, gaining holiday weight that I will have to lose on top of everything else that I’m already fighting against. That’s okay though, this post itself is a step in the right direction!

I know that I need a plan, and that I have to accept back sliding as a part of the process! So, let’s talk three pronged attack (on the healthy choices only…Spanish is actually going okay!): food plan, workout plan, and a reframing of the effort.

I read this neat little snippet article that oddly enough was written by someone I was very close with in middle and highschool: The Most Powerful Way To Set New Year’s Resolutions That Stick (Check out Melody Wilding’s website too! She write awesome and helpful stuff, often directed at women)

The idea is the resolutions kind of suck, and that it can be helpful to rephrase them as Questolutions. Instead of declaring all of the things that you will do, rephrase the resolution as a question. For me, for this year, the overall question is: How might I plan my weeks to enable me to qualify for the FBI by summer? More specifically: How might I fit exercise into my week? How might I make better eating choices? What might I want to let go of to feel more confident in my ability to succeed? (And: How might I fit Spanish language learning into my day?)

Why does this work? Evidently:

A question is a puzzle. It prompts a psychological response. Once question has been raised, the mind almost can’t help trying to solve or answer it.

By posing your resolution in the form of a question rather than a statement, you begin to engage with it. Your brain goes to work breaking down the problem, sequencing next steps and creating a path to success.

So, I would very much like to brainstorm out some answers to those questions. Some answers leap immediately to mind. I could plan meals, and devote Sunday to making healthy food for the week. I could also use Sunday to plan my workout schedule for the week. I can accept that I will say no to social events. I would like to let go of FOMO. I would like to learn the patience to accept small victories. None of this will change overnight.

To those ends! Let’s talk the planning stage. I’m a vegetarian, so eating healthy with an eye towards workout gains is harder than I would hope. I’m also a picky eater and a sugar addict, so I really haven’t set myself up for success here. Nonetheless (self reminder): small victories matter! So I shall now list some recipes I want to make that might help me achieve some goals (posted here so I can find them later):

There will be others as well. The internet is full of recipes. Now I just need to get into the habit of food shopping over ordering in delivery. Which, tbh, is what I might do right now. All this food planning making me not want to make food 😉

Workout planning is next!! Naturally, I’m dying of some lovely upper respiratory infection which is completely self inflicted — too little sleep, too much food which leads to too much heartburn and thus too much aspirating myself into a URI. Ugh. So, I will take tonight off, as I have the last week straight, but this time, I’m planning to take off. I will load up on Vitamin C and cold meds and sleep, and tomorrow, I will take THIS gym class!

5:45 PM Wednesday – 12/28 JILLIAN MICHAELS BODYSHRED™ Emmanuelle G (SUB) 30 MINS W. 23rd Street






In non-goal oriented news, I want a mermaid tail blanket.

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